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Parental Rights Support

Reverend Bention, Sr. is a supporter of parental rights. (Read More)


Prior to 2020, it was long understood that masks are ineffective against the spread of airborne viruses.

I have listened to the concerns of the parents of Union County, and consistently voted against masks.

(Read More)


Family is the foundation that civilization rests on.  When families are weak, the civilization is weak. (Read More)


Since human beings are much more than mere collections of atoms – we have a mind and a soul as well as a body – efforts to improve health should not be focused on a singular threat to the body. (Read More)

The Pandemic in Union County

Contrary to what might be expected based on media hysteria, Union County experienced fewer deaths from any cause in 2020 than in 2019. (Read More)

Good Government and the rights of Citizens

Government is good inasmuch as it serves the people.  The natural course of things is for government institutions to grow and for liberty to wane.  The founders of this great country recognized these truths, and designed a constitutional system of separated powers. (Read More)


Vaccination represents a great advance in human medicine, but the current crop of “covid vaccines” are not appropriate for children because the risk/benefit ratio is not favorable. (Read More)

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